Class of 2018 Adopts New Form Motto Tradition

Unitas-Humanitas-Caritas, or Unity-Kindness-Love. This motto along with a class pin marks a new tradition for The Hill School’s class of 2018 and future 6th formers.

The class of 2018 began brainstorming for a motto  with Headmaster Zachary Lehman and the 6th form deans Stephen Ciraolo and Lynda Hamilton-Kirk at the Moving Up Ceremony last spring.

The form worked in groups to  brainstorm several ideas before voting on a favorite motto. Some ideas were “An Veritas An Nihil” (The Truth or Nothing) and “United We Jump”.

“[The motto] holds a really special message,” Sophia Benjeddi ’18 said. “It’s also key that everyone has a say in it, and doing a survey is a great way to make sure everyone’s opinion is heard.”

For the past two years Lehman has given graduating students a pin at the Alumni Induction Brunch, stating he hopes that the students “…will treasure this pin and wear it proudly at Hill functions and reunions.”

At the United States Military Academy, each graduating class creates their own motto and flag.

Lehman was inspired by this tradition and decided to implement it at Hill with the 6th form.

Lehman said the tradition will “definitely” continue for future classes.

In addition to creating their own motto, 6th formers Isabel Lux, Joshua Lim, and Damian Walsh have recently begun working on a design for the class pin.

“This is a pretty cool tradition, but it might be difficult to redesign the shield “x” amount of times,” Lim said.

SGA President Drew Sottosanti ’18 believes the motto represents the first opportunity for the class of 2018 to come together as a form.

“This is our last year together, and the choices we make will be what holds us together when we look back,” Sottosanti said.

“Nobody remembers what they ate, did on a certain day, or what games they lost, but they do remember our motto.”