Athlete Spotlight: Kyle Gorant ’18

“Most people at Hill don’t look forward to the winter season,” Kyle Gorant ’18 said. “For me, it’s the highlight of my year.”

Gorant begin wrestling at the age of 5 and has continued with the sport throughout his entire life. However, Gorant says he didn’t start taking wrestling seriously until 6th grade.

Gorant has put up an impressive resume over the past four years of wrestling at The Hill School. Gorant placed 5th in 2016 and 3rd in 2017 at Prep National wrestling. He also entered the 100-win club last year, and has won the Bissell tournament twice.

Gorant thanks the coaches at Hill for having helped him to achieve such a success. Head Coach Dr. Mark Pearson ’78, along with assistant coaches TJ Demetrio, Dan Hoffman, Dave Wolter, Ty Willman ‘95 have worked with Gorant during his time at Hill.

“Working with Dr. Pearson and the Hill coaching staff has been such a step up from my old school, and it’s been great working and learning with them,” Gorant said.

Gorant has been the captain of the wrestling team for two years now, starting his 5th form year with Will Hare ’17 and Dymir Davis-Caruth -17, and continuing with Ted Kennedy ’18 this year.

Gorant’s goals for the team this year are to get as many wrestlers as possible to place at Prep Nationals. As for personal goals, Gorant hopes to achieve 1st place in his final year on the team.

“It’s been a lot of hard work. It’s been frustrating, but it’s definitely worth it, and I’m looking forward to the end of a good season,” Gorant said.

Gorant will be wrestling at Davidson College next year.

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