Garrett George ’19 Elected SGA President, with Max Moore ’19 Serving as the Vice President

On April 9, four 5th form candidates took the stage in the Presidential Debate in order to determine the next SGA president.

After a heated debate on Monday night, Garrett George ’19 won the title of the SGA president, with Max Moore ’19 serving as his vice president.

“The first thing I’m going to do is to be a good role model in the office. Throughout the rest of the year, I’m going to get to know the kids that are in this school, right now as the 3rd and 4th formers,” said George. “I’m going to get to know them much better than I already do, and work on making it known that anybody can come talk to me at any time with any problems, whether it be to help improve the school or just to talk one on one with somebody who’s there to listen.”

George’s campaign has been centering around “encouraging students to be themselves and to be happy with who they are.”

After the caucus, the interview with Hill News, and the debate, the Hill community can expect George to provide more awareness to mental health and the overall well being of students. As George put it, he wants to make sure that “[his] work everyday will be towards making sure no kids have to feel the way [he] did as a 3rd and 4th former.”

“This is a team thing,” said Moore. “We both want to change the school. We both want to do good things at Hill, and we can just highlight together what we want to do.”

Current vice president Reed Bauer ’18 hopes that the new duo will “do the best job they can in all the role they have, and work to include all students.”

The two candidates who were not elected will have a chance to run for senate on April 25.

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