Making History: British Invasion

Christopher Drowne ’89

By Sam Beckett ’22

Christopher Drowne, the Mcnally Chair of the History Department and the head coach of the varsity boys soccer program, recently received a once in a lifetime opportunity. 

With a move pulled from the famous movie “The Parent Trap,” Drowne swapped lives with David McCombs from the Charterhouse School – Hill’s sister school located in Godalming, England. Drowne is tasked with McCombs’s responsibilities in the classroom, on the pitch, and in the Charterhouse residential life office – aspects of elite boarding school life which Drowne is already familiar with. 

In England, Drowne has the chance to broaden his horizons by working with colleagues in a new system of education, an opportunity he deemed “the ultimate professional development experience.” 

Similar to his experience at Hill, at Charterhouse Drowne has 10 advisees, and he is also a dorm affiliate to a new group of students. Drowne is teaching seven classes, with students ranging from the third to sixth form. 

While at Hill, Drowne has guided the boys soccer team to eight league-best championships. At Charterhouse, he coaches not only Charterhouse’s second boys team, but the first and second girls teams as well.

Charterhouse and Hill have a history of exchanging faculty members; this has usually been for year-long assignments. In this instance, the exchange will only be for three months, as Drowne hopes not only to teach abroad and to gain experience, but also to spend minimal time away from home. 

“The chance to live, study, and work abroad is a dream come true, all without having to leave the Hill for more than 89 days,” Drowne said.  

Drowne will be missed in his three months away from Hill, but in his absence, Hill welcomes McCombs and his family. Much like Drowne in England, McCombs assumes all of Drowne’s responsibilities. He and his family are residing in Drowne’s  residence. 

After 28 years of teachings thousands in the states, Drowne gets the chance to broaden his horizons across the waters.

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