Holloway Leaves the Hill

For the past several years, Jeff Hollway, associate director of athletics and head varsity football coach, has played a crucial role in shaping our community. His contributions to our community have made a lasting impact. He not only helped to build our football program, but he also created a better environment for the students in general. As the 2019-2020 academic year enters the final term, we are saying goodbye to one of Hill’s most valued contributors.

“I often tell people how special of a place I believe the Hill School is,” Hollway said. “It is such a unique place to work, coach, live, and raise a family.” 

Hill’s football program has seen significant transformation all thanks due to Hollway’s hard work. From seeking new players to having concentrated practices, Hollway has established a program that students genuinely enjoy taking part in. 

“I hope that Hill football, specifically, can continue to rise to the top and be in front of all things going on with prep school football,” Hollway said.

Change, in every form, is a hard thing to endure. Especially when it affects not only individuals but also the community as a whole. As Hollway and his family gear up to say goodbye to Hill, he expressed his hopes for himself as well as his family. 

“I’m hopeful that my next journey will be a badge of honor for my kids,” Hollway said. I [look forward to] the opportunity to live in such a cool city like Denver… and experience things that my family has never experienced,” states Mr. Hollway.

In addition to the remarkable changes that he has made during his time here at Hill, Hollway has had a remarkable influence on the lives of many students. From kids in his advisory to the athletes on the football team, he has been able to make a long lasting impact. 

“He is so fun… he has a very tough exterior but is the sweetest man,” Bella Baker ’20 said. 

The students have also left a mark on Hollway.  

“They have helped push me to be a better adviser,” Hollway said. “It is just a fun group and I honestly hope they look back and remember the fun advisory.” 

As the Hollway family prepares to turn the page to a new chapter, the Hill community is very grateful for the role that they have played in shaping a better culture for all students. We hope that Hollway’s next adventure provides him with as much love and admiration that he has given to Hill’s community.

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