Winter Training Trips

Over the course of the winter term, two Hill teams ventured out of the Hill School Bubble for a little change of scenery.

The Hill Swimming and Diving team traveled to Clearwater, Florida for four days from January 2nd to the 5th to commence the program’s first-ever training trip. The team practiced in a local outdoor facility twice a day, with two-hour sessions in the morning and evening. 

“[The training trip was] really successful because it gave us a chance to get out of a pool that we always complain about and out of the Hill environment that we are in all the time,” said Alex Zelinske ’20, co-captain of the girls swimming and diving team.

A change of scenery was a great way to get motivated to swim faster and harder. Swimming in the same pool every day can get quite tedious. Collectively, the captains agree that the training trip was a new, fun opportunity for their fellow teammates. 

“[It was] the training kick in the butt that we needed,” said Ella Scott ’22.

“We were able to get the one-on-one critiques that we wouldn’t have gotten if we didn’t partake in that trip,” Zelinske said. 

But most of all, a common refrain from the swimmers is that the training trip was a great team bonding experience. From having fun on the beach, to getting ice cream every night, the team got the chance to spend quality time with each other and to just have fun.

​Over the long winter weekend, the boys and girls squash teams traveled to Bermuda. The teams practiced for four hours each day, with two-hour morning and night sessions at the Bermuda Squash Rackets Association. 

“We definitely improved on specific squash skills since we had the chance to play against other squash players from Bermuda,” Co-captain Carolyn Tsiang ’20said. 

Just like the swimming and diving team, the squash players participated in a lot of fun activities beyond strict training. Activities included kayaking and paddle boarding. It was a great opportunity to get away from Pottstown, train hard, and bond as a team. 

“[It was] the best long weekend experience in my four years at Hill” Tsiang said.

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