Staying on track during COVID-19

|| By: Tess Gray ’21 || 

With student-athletes being forced to come to terms with the fact that they no longer have their spring season, some have found alternative ways to stay fit. Sasjha Mayfield ’21, “[has] been planning out [her] workouts before the start of each week.” 

“It’s a lot easier to keep up with [my plan] this way, it helps with my self-accountability,” Mayfield said. 

Mayfield, a member of the varsity girls track team, has been keeping up with the team and the sport itself through social media, including their Snapchat group chat and Zoom meetings. However, she said that this process is difficult due to the large size of the team.  

“I think we’ve been affected the same way all teams have been. Our spring season was taken away and we’re missing out on a lot of really fun meets like Hill Relays, L-Ville, and Penn Relays. Of course, I think it sucks, but I’m happy that we at least had the winter season together” Mayfield said. “That’s what’s unique about track and what I have grown to appreciate. A lot of us get to be with one another for two straight seasons, which I’m very grateful for right now.”

Mayfield expresses that she misses track, especially “the energy and excitement [they] all have in the spring. The sun shining, playing loud music, and the 100 plus people on the track together, giving it all they’ve got. [She] misses the feeling of exhilaration and happiness [that comes] in the spring.” When asked what she wants her teammates to know, Mayfield said, “ I want my teammates to know that I love them and I miss them and I appreciate them so much more now and can’t wait to be suffering through 10×200m with them again.”