Arts and Leisure

Artist Spotlight: Liz MacMurray

|| By: Tiffany Wang ’22 || Starting off with just enjoying drawing at home and signing up for a studio art course to complete the arts requirement, Liz MacMurray ’20 – who now advances to the AP level – has been involved with arts at Hill for all four of her years here. 

“I have gotten the opportunity to work with Mrs. Nelson and Mrs. Richards who are both so knowledgeable and fun when working with art,” MacMurray said. “I have [also] been working with Sabrina Messineo, and Shannon Quintana for the past two years and they are honestly such a great group to work with because they have great insight and advice. It has been such a great two years with this group.”

MacMurray has been working in all kinds of mediums, but her favorite is painting and drawing. She particularly enjoys architectural designs, portraits, and natural landscapes. The piece that MacMurray created at Hill which she is most proud of is of her grandparents’ mountain house in the Poconos. 

“They just sold it after 38 years of fantastic memories, and I drew it and gifted it to them as a surprise,” MacMurray said. 

Moving forward, MacMurray plans to take art classes in college, and she continues to try to incorporate drawing or painting into her daily routine. 

“I don’t really plan to stop producing pieces because these skills are something I have worked hard to perfect and that I have grown to love,” MacMurray said.