Words of Encouragement

|| By: Moniyah Person-Henderson ’23 ||

As we all experience the craziness of the world together it is important to BE there for each other. At one point it seemed like things couldn’t already get worse as we had Covid-19 hit the United States, but unfortunately it did. I know it is hard being on social media and seeing talk about everything happening right now, it is hard for me. I never thought I would experience anything like this in my lifetime, as many of us felt, but it is important to push through it and have compassion for each other. Regardless of whatever skin color you are we all realize this act of hate was wrong and that it needs to stop, but we cannot let our anger get in the way of this. Please please check up on each other now more then ever, I realized it is hard to fall into a dark place during this horrific time, so continue to uplift each other! Listen to your peers and realize how you can make a difference! Lastly, make sure to educate yourself, if you have any questions there are many people you can talk to about the situation or about racism in general. If you see someone being bashed racially always speak out about it as you would want someone to do the same if you were in that situation. Together as a community we can all make a change