Construction on The Hill annual update: Wendell, common rooms

With the closing of The Hill School campus in the summer, several construction projects have gone underway. New updates include updates in the common room, design changes in Wendell, adjustments in the Dutch Village, new features on the Quad, and some simple changes around campus. 

“In order to get back to the traditional style of boarding, the common rooms will become the hub of social life- gathering, family nights, a place for both study time and downtime,” according to John Giannikas, the Dean of Residential Life. With the increasing importance of common room in social life due to the new policies, the construction put new furniture in all common rooms, except Dell Dorms, and new carpeting and painting. 

One special feature established in Wendell during this constructive period is the “frontstage and backstage” design, which ultimately separates two connected areas to split relation and formalities, but can easily be transformed for different needs. In addition, Giannikas is excited to announce that Wendell has also been renovated to have outdoor learning areas. The renovations in Wendell will allow for more natural light to improve in the sleep cycle. These new changes in Wendell will proceed for Rolfe, Foster and Dutch in the future.

Several adjustments have also happened in the Dutch Village. Each building has been opened up by remodeling the stairs and installing double doors. In addition, the bathrooms have also been re-done to establish a more user friendly facility. Ultimately, Dutch, Foster and Rolfe will be modernized in the upcoming years.

In addition to the adjustments taken in the dorm constructions, the Hill School is also on the planning stage of renewing the old classroom buildings into boarding houses. Once this plan is concluded students can reside here until their own boarding houses are revamped. 

With several new constructions in the dorms, the Hill School also decided to implement new features to the Quad. New lights and Speakers have been implemented for this upcoming school year. 

According to Laura McConney, Student Life Coordinator, the details will help “augment the campus beautifully because it’s social and practical… Social life will bleed into academic life to build complete people and students beyond what is happening in the classroom.”

Lastly, there have also been simple changes around campus. Gardens and pathways are being refurbished to become “not only more pleasurable for the eye but also to develop into reflective areas,” Giannikas said. In addition, brand new furnitures were added to the patio outside of Upper School in order to fill the cloisters around campus with tables and chairs to encourage students to use it.