Remote spotlight: Gia Seravelli


Photo Contributed by Gia Servalli ’21

Gia Seravelli drives from Ivylad, PA to Boston every weekend with her family to play for a club ice hockey team, which roughly takes five to six hours. On Sunday, she plays the game and practices with her team. Seravelli, a returning 6th former, is a remote student this year, and her schedule is different from a lot of athletes because of her travel commitments. 

Balancing schoolwork and ice hockey, Seravelli has a very rigorous, and sometimes demanding schedule. But when she sticks to her routine and gets her work done, she is able to manage it well. Seravelli skates on average three times a week with her trainer at home and attends the gym constantly. 

Seravelli, like many other Hill athletes, is remote due to her participation in a club sport outside of school. Ice hockey is a big part of Seravelli’s life, so she made the tough decision to stay home and compete while attending school virtually. 

“I think that Hill is the people that surround it. What makes Hill is the people. I just hope that things are semi more normal so Hill can continue to be Hill,” according to Seravelli.

When asked about her returning time, Seravelli responded, “As of right now, when I’m coming back to campus is still up in the air. I don’t really intend to return until the spring. Obviously, if there are winter sports I hope to be on campus, but I’m not sure.”

Seravelli’s hockey history has made her who she is today. She hopes to continue and eventually play in college.