Q&A with spring captains


Lindsey Coffey ’20: Girls Lacrosse 

What’s your goal for this season?

My goal for this season is to unite the team. Where I want us to be more than a lacrosse team but like a family. We don’t have lacrosse or school or many of the things we used to have in our lives. What we do still have is each other. Lacrosse or not, I want the team to feel connected as if we were still meeting daily for 1.5-2 hours. Times are hard, but no one is going through this alone. I think it’s important that everyone on my team knows that we can get through this together.


Mack Daniels ’20: Boys Lacrosse

How are you keeping the team close?

I believe that we are doing the best job possible at keeping the team close during these unforeseen times. We have four captains, and each captain has a “boat crew” of about 11 guys. We did this to make communication more effective across the board for our team. I do believe that it has been easier to keep in contact this way. Coach Murphy meets with each boat crew once a week. I talk with my boat crew every day. We have been doing daily workouts and lacrosse challenges at least four days a week to keep the competition aspect going. Coach Murphy has shown us what true, unwavering dedication to a program really is; he checks in with us daily.


Alexandra Lombardi ’20: Girls Softball

How have your duties as a captain changed due to our current situation?

My fellow captains and I are trying to find ways to connect with our teammates on levels outside of sports. Under normal circumstances my co-captains and I would want to support our teammates on the softball field and off, but due to the situation we have been trying to extend that connection via the internet. 


Owen Scott ’20: Boys Track and Field 

What’s something you have told the team that you want the school to hear as well?

Obviously, not having a season was disappointing, but that didn’t make or break this year for us. We took huge strides as a school. There was a change in the culture this year that came from the willingness to be great in the offseason. We may not have had a season, but we sure had a winning offseason.