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Why I chose Hill
Why I chose Hill
By Avery Liggon , Staff Writer • May 23, 2021

I cannot believe that our time has already come to an end. It feels like just yesterday, I was stepping on campus for the first time as a scared...

Illustration by Sarah Jiang
How to promote political discourse at Hill
By Michael Soland '21 & Edward Deng '21, Staff Writers • May 23, 2021

Politics is ubiquitous in our lives. Everything is political. From something obvious, like who our president is, to something seemingly completely...

Ed Turner and Larissa Snyder have seved as the Class of 2021’s form deans since 2017. Illustration by Tina Wang
Letter to the Form Deans, Ms. Snyder and Mr. Turner
By Lauren Yingling '21, Staff Contributor • May 23, 2021

My first impression of our form deans dates back to my first year at Hill as a 4th former, our form retreat to Funplex. Put under last-minute...

Elizabeth Hudak and Tess McArdle have served as editors-in-chief for the 2020-21 school year. Photo by Erick Sun
Letters from the Co-Editors-in-Chief
By Elizabeth Liang Hudak '21 and Tess McArdle '21 May 23, 2021

Elizabeth Hudak Stuck. Stuck at home, stuck at school. Stuck. Stuck between gratitude and grief, normalcy and insanity, between high school...

Students attend an SAMH event. Photo by John Ju
SAMH draws attention to students’ mental health in 2020
By Olivia Mofus ’22, Features Editor • May 23, 2021

As many of us know, this year has been a challenge for mental health, especially for young people. With increased isolation and unforeseen changes...

Sixth formers reflect on a politically turbulent senior year
By Mofe Akinyanmi '21, Arts and Leisure Editor • May 23, 2021

Following a turbulent year, the end of the Class of 2021’s time at the Hill School quickly approaches.  The...

Economic systemic inequality explained by local NGOs
By Philippe Jin ’21, Local News Editor • May 20, 2021

Systemic inequality has been a deep infection in the U.S. economy for decades, stemming out of racial...

Satire: The Hill School rings in the return of the Chapel bells
By Melody Chen ’22 and Olivia Mofus ’22 May 20, 2021

As Edgar Allen Poe writes in his poem The Bells, “To the rolling of the bells— Of the bells, bells,...

Jojo Zhu ’22 and Ryan Park ’23 earn success in the Montgomery County Science Fair
By MoniYah Person-Henderson '23 May 20, 2021

Ryan Park ‘23 and Jojo Zhu ‘22 participated and had success in the Montgomery County Science Fair....

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