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Local NGOs feel the impact of the pandemic
By Jojo Zhu ’22 • September 15, 2020

Over the last several months, the spread of COVID-19 has posed a significant...

Montgomery County faces strenuous COVID-19 testing conditions
By Sarah Jiang '22 • September 15, 2020

With more than 11,500 cases as of Sept. 14, Montgomery County has been a coronavirus...

Local schools reopen in Pottstown
By Annie Li '21 • September 15, 2020

On Aug. 24, the Pottstown school district began its opening for the 2020-21...

Photo Courtesy of Elizabeth Hudak
Chapel Talks undergo a virtual transformation
By Raina Shah ’21, Opinion Editor • September 15, 2020

Chapel, held every Monday and Friday, is a hallmark of a Hill School week. In a typical year, the entire student body would gather in the Chapel...

Illustration Courtesy of Chloe Han
The New Way to Prefect
By Jasroop Dhingra ’21 • September 15, 2020

Although it might be more difficult to connect and maintain relationships with their prefectees due to the physical restrictions, this year’s...

2020 brings a new, socially distant, look to the Club Fair
By Carrie Shang ’23 • September 15, 2020

Every year, in the beginning of the fall term, Hill hosts the Club Fair to showcase the diverse clubs...

Voices on the Hill
By MoniYah Person-Henderson ‘23 • September 15, 2020

Coming back to school can be pretty crazy, especially during a pandemic. Three different students voiced...

Diverse activities focus on overall wellness
By Sela Muto ’23 • September 15, 2020

Music rings about the walls of the dance studio as dancers both new and experienced gather to learn and...

Hill students come back as intern teachers
By Jasroop Dhingra ’21 • September 15, 2020

This year, Hill welcomed five new teacher trainees from the classes of 2015 and 2016: Chris Gorycki ’16,...

DEI at Hill undergoes transformation
By Tess McArdle • August 24, 2020

Like Many Others, Diversity and Inclusion at Hill Undergoes a Summer Transformation:  This August,...

This Aug. 21 protest in Belarus proved to be just one of many. SOURCE: Henning Schlottmann / Wikimedia Commons
Peaceful protests in Belarus deserve support
By Jennie Ki ’23 • September 17, 2020

The bloodshed and sacrifice of innocent citizens in Belarus clearly shows the chaotic results that occur with the absence of democracy. Though...

Pictured is the Sputnik V vaccine 
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The COVID-19 vaccine might not be the solution for the pandemic
By Jennie Ki ‘23 • September 15, 2020

The United States is preparing for its first COVID-19 vaccine. U.S. Surgeon General Jerome M. Adams told the states that the COVID-19 vaccine...

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Discussing minimum wage
By Michael Soland '21 & Edward Deng '21 • September 15, 2020

The top 0.1% of Americans own almost as much wealth as the bottom 90%. Let that number sink in for a second. Just 0.1% have nearly as much wealth...

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Toxic gratitude is a pandemic at Hill
By Izzy Feldman '21 • September 15, 2020

There’s a common misconception about gratitude. It's a dangerous one that has existed as long as the term itself but has been especially exposed...

Comic Corner
Comic Corner
By Tina Wang '22 • September 15, 2020

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