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Portia Sockel 22 pioneered the role of a Visual Managing Editor as she joined The Hill News editorial team in 2021.
Journalism: your creativity’s knight in shining armor
By Portia Sockel '22, Social Media Manager • May 19, 2022

I’d like to think that I didn’t find The Hill News, instead it found me. After learning my plans to study at a California art school were...

Brazil is likely to triumph in the 2022 FIFA World Cup
Brazil is likely to triumph in the 2022 FIFA World Cup
By Jason Zhou '23, Off-Campus News Editor • May 19, 2022

The World Cup is the ultimate festival for all football fans around the world. It is held every four years, and multiple stars have been made...

Co-Editor-in-Chief Olivia Mofus 22 holding Issue 7, Volume CXXVII.
Just do it, no questions asked
By Olivia Mofus ’22, Co-Editor-In-Chief • May 19, 2022

Zora Neale Hurston said that there are years that ask questions and years that answer. When I read this, I didn’t think much of it. But while...

Co-Editor-in-Chief Aleksandr Glamazdin 22 holding the Authority and Social Control spread from Issue 5, Volume CXXVII.
Do not pick your career as a sophomore
By Aleksandr Glamazdin '22, Co-Editor-In-Chief • May 19, 2022

“Don’t worry if you don’t know what you want to do in life.” We’ve all heard this many times, and for some, the future is terrifying....

Ned Ide is leaving The Hill School after working as an English teacher for 23 years.
Ned Ide seizes the day as he leaves Hill
By Luke Gerdeman ’23 and Nate Whittemore ’23 May 19, 2022

In the realm of beloved teachers at The Hill, Ned Ide does not go without mention. In his 23-year career as an English teacher at this school,...

Springtime shenanigans ensue on The Hill: The art of the senior prank
By Ella Grindle ‘24, Features Editor • April 30, 2022

As the spring season flourishes across The Hill’s campus, the air grows warmer with excitement. For...

Dear Blue: Prom Edition
By Anonymous April 30, 2022

Prom, the most discussed topic of the year—sorry I meant The Sixth Form Dance. An exquisite dance where...

Community Service students take action in Pottstown
By Patrick Gao '25 and Yina Yao '25 April 30, 2022

Community Service at The Hill is an afternoon activity that not only connects students to the Pottstown...

New to Pottstown? Check out these local, family-owned businesses!
By Jason Zhou '23, Off-Campus News Editor • March 3, 2022

Editor’s Note: Pottstown is a diverse community. A lot of diligent local family businesses in Pottstown...

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