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*Editor’s Note: During the 6-week H-Term remote learning period from Jan. 1- Feb. 12, The Hill News released a weekly newsletter in place of the usual print edition. Like the print edition, all articles were released here in real time, but to view the original thing, see below.

Dec. 16: Welcome to The Hill News-Letter! 🗞️ 💻

Jan. 11: 🗞️ Hill News-letter 2_ Vaccines, Jan. 6, sports videos, a playlist & more!

Jan. 17: 🗞️ Hill News-letter 3_ MLK Day, athletes return, H-Term projects, and more

Jan. 25: 🗞️ Hill News-letter IV_ First scrimmages, vaccines in MontCo, a recipe and more!

Feb. 1: 🗞️ Hill News-letter V_ GameStop, student podcasts and the best Bernie meme

Feb. 8: 🗞️ Hill News-letter VI_ Chinese New Year, Valentine’s Day, bikes, and H-Term comes to an end