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This archived photo, located in the CFTA, shows one moment in Hill’s long musical history. Photo by Sarah Jiang '22.

Musical memories throughout the years: Hill looks back on its musical beginnings

The Hill School is well-known for many things, one being its musical arts program. Students have the opportunity to participate in orchestra, jazz, chorus, piano, and many other programs and classes. Besides...

Student band 28-24 performs during the April 24 concert. Photo by Erick Sun '24.

Live music returns in the spring

By Anna Guo, Staff Contributor May 20, 2021

The lights dim as hundreds of students and parents pour into the auditorium. Rows of red chairs gradually fill to capacity, and snippets of whispered conversation can be heard. Students flip through the...

Illustration by Aidan Ma '23.

Crypto Art and NFTs: Call it a gimmick or a new frontier?

By Aidan Ma ’23 , Staff Writer April 28, 2021

How would you imagine the typical auction scenario to be? Maybe you would envision a cold, stark room, silent except for the sound of the auctioneer calling out numbers and pounding away with a gavel,...

TORONTO, ONTARIO - MAY 19: Rapper Drake attends game three of the NBA Eastern Conference Finals between the Milwaukee Bucks and the Toronto Raptors at Scotiabank Arena on May 19, 2019 in Toronto, Canada. Photo by Gregory Shamus/Getty Images.

Instagram tournament crowns Hill’s king of rap

By Sam Beckett '22, Staff Writer April 16, 2021

With the sun peaking over the horizon, stretching its arms across the desolate sky, one could only just pick out the hooded figure bounding underneath the trees in the early morning light. Grish Vazirani...

A young Will Ledyard meets Donovan Phillips Leitch. Photo courtesy of Will Ledyard '22.

Meeting famous rockstar changes life

By Will Ledyard '22, Staff Contributor April 2, 2021

Inspiration can be found in some of the most surprising and random places. It’s crazy how one experience from your past can impact the rest of your life without you even realizing it at first. I experienced...

Student artists take a stand over H-Term

Student artists take a stand over H-Term

By Wesley Connelly ’22, Staff Writer April 2, 2021

During H-term, I took something of a chance. I signed up for a class called Art Activism. I have rarely forayed into visual art, and, when I have, it has not been successful. Putting pen to paper or brush...

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