Letters to the Class of 2020’s Form Advisors (Mr. Steinman)

|| By: Melissa Xu ’20 ||

Well, well, well …Mr. Steinman…

It appears the day of your liberation is fast approaching! When May 23 comes around, we’ll be throwing the proverbial sock (by graduating) to the proverbial house elf (you). Yep, Dobby is free. 

Jokes aside, although being in the Class of 2020 has come with some rather unfortunate circumstances (RIP senior spring), I’m glad that we’ve at least had a great pair of form advisers. I didn’t really know you well my first year at Hill, but since 5th form year – after being in your mechanics class and under your dorm parentage in Markle – we’ve had some quality conversations. From these past two years, I can say without a doubt that you’re a real one–-and I mean it as the highest sort of praise. Our society has a tendency for formalities and filters, and a lot of people say what sounds good and do what isn’t. As a pretty pragmatic person, I’m not a particular fan of these smoke and mirror persuasions so I could always count on you for direct, no BS advice. Moreover, the advice was never unsolicited. You got it if we wanted to be alone or didn’t feel like talking about it. You didn’t feel the need to put in your two cents if it wasn’t asked for, and that’s not to say you were uninvolved, because if we needed you, we knew you’d be there. 

Along the same line of thought, you understood that we all had things we needed to do, so you never wasted our time. If a form meeting didn’t need to take 45 minutes, you didn’t make it longer just to fill out the meeting period. It was a quick and efficient process: check-in, meeting, donuts, and done. 

So thank you. Thank you for getting “the good pizza” during Markle family nights. Thank you for the amusing rant sessions at the beginning of almost every physics class. Thank you for not giving me 100000 demerits for all the times I slept through my alarm in a Nyquil-induced haze.

I hope your future classes continue to nourish you with milkshakes and breakfast sandwiches (for all the underformers reading this, the standard order is a sausage, egg and cheese, on an English muffin).

Have a good life,


P.S: On a completely unrelated note, I also like your dog very much (Wesley is perfection incarnate).