Hill theater presents Shakespeare in Love


Media: Faisal Choudhri '24

Luke Gerdeman ’23 and Sissi Zhen ’24 practice for the show

A romantic comedy adapted from the 1998 film of the same title, Shakespeare in Love is based on the life of young William Shakespeare. Much like his plays, he struggles with forbidden love, misunderstandings, and strife. William Shakespeare, played by Grant Lupien ’23, is working on his latest play, Romeo and Juliet, and struggles to find motivation. His gender-bending muse, Viola, becomes his inspiration and love as he finishes his play. Amongst hidden identities, infidelity, and intellectual property disagreements, the Ellis Theatre Guild is sure to put on yet another fantastic production.  

In true Hill Theatre fashion, the preparation for this production has been remarkably thorough. Mr. McGriff, Director of the Center For The Arts says, “it is not an easy show to do: the comedy, the timing, understanding Shakespeare, sword fights, choreography. It’s a lot to put together into one production, and our students have done a wonderful job.”  

Per usual, the Hill community can expect to see period-accurate costumes and immersive set design. For the actors and actresses, this experience has been equally as rewarding. In between the long hours of memorizing lines and learning to wield swords, the cast still finds time to have fun. This is fitting for the tone of the production, which ends the theatre department’s year of heavier themes on a more light-hearted note. 

Lizzie Hopper ’23, playing The Nurse, says “every rehearsal is filled with laughter and such positive energy. As a cast, we get along really well and truly have a great time together!” This truly will be a joy to watch. Mr. McGriff affirms that, without a doubt, “this is a show the entire community should be proud of.” Get your tickets online now for the Ellis Theatre Guild’s last production of the year, coming to you this weekend!