Holiday gift guide

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  • Jewelry can be a great gift for your friend who loves style. Artwork By Portia Sockel ’22

  • Latch hook rugs have exploded in popularity during the COVID-19 pandemic and make a great gift for anyone who loves to craft. Artwork By Portia Sockel ’22

  • If you have a friend who loves to be outdoors then a reusable charging pack is the perfect gift for them. Artwork by Portia Sockel ’22

  • Cute cookie cutters are a creative way to spice up festive cookies. Artwork By Portia Sockel ’22

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The Holiday season is upon us, and the pressure to get the perfect present is slowly mounting. To ease your load, here are a few gift ideas for different types of people.

 For your athletic friend: Athletes tend to be constantly sore from competition and working out. It is important for one to take care of their bodies after exercising, or else they can do some permanent damage. Foam rollers can be used all over the body and are good for injury prevention. There are two main types –– rollers with handles, and rollers without

 For your stylish friend: Jewelry is a gift that one can keep for a long time. However, the prices are not always reasonable, and it sometimes gets difficult to find pretty pieces that other people don’t have already. It is a good idea to check out sites like Depop and Etsy where one can support small business owners and also get a unique, affordable piece! The links are below.

 For your artistic friend: Latch hook rugs are very cute and fun to make! On Jo-Ann’s, one has many different styles and designs of rugs to choose from.  Another cool gift is the 642 things to draw notebook, which provides 642 drawing prompts for when one is struggling with an artistic block, or just to experiment with new ideas! 

For your friend who loves to be comfortable: Weighted blankets can help to relieve stress and are perfect for improving one’s sleep. Weighted blankets provide pressure on one’s entire body, and the resulting feeling is similar to that of a hug. Typically weighted blankets tend to be on the more expensive side but many sites are putting them on sale for the Holiday season! Here are some places one can get them linked below:

Bed Bath and Beyond


 For your musical friend: With this kit, one makes a music box that plays cute tunes when wound up. The best part about this music box is the ability to customize it! One is able to punch out whatever songs they want in the tape, and for someone who is able to read music, this is especially easy.

 For your friend who loves to bake: Sometimes baking the same pastries in the same shapes can get boring. You can change it up with fun baking pans and cookie cutters! These will add a new flair to one’s baked goods.

Novelty cake pans

Novelty cookie cutters

 For your sustainable friend: One of the most difficult parts of trying to lead a sustainable lifestyle is finding ways to package food on the go. With a reusable food storage bag, one can put whatever they would typically use a Ziploc for inside and greatly reduce the waste they produce. 

For your outdoorsy friend: While hiking or out in the wild, one of the biggest concerns is often safety. Without access to places where one can charge a phone, sometimes it seems scary that there is no way to contact emergency authorities. With this solar-powered phone bank, one is able to charge their phone on the go. The one on the link provided is also waterproof and has a flashlight built-in.

 Hopefully, this guide is helpful and relieves a bit of the stress that comes with holiday shopping! Good luck, and Happy Holidays!