New artists seek to make their mark on Hill’s community


Illustration by Crystal Zhao ’26

As another academic year rolls around at The Hill, different arts groups prepare themselves for new experiences and artistic efforts. Faculty members across each department are taking steps forward, and one of the major elements of this is the new students coming to campus. Many new painters, musicians, and performers are coming, and we are excited to welcome them and see what they bring to the community. 

 This year, Hill is gaining many new visual artists, many of whom are joining the art department’s studio art program. Incoming 3rd former Grace Carroll ’26 is just one of those many students. Growing up pursuing art at a young age, she is “very excited to pursue art at Hill and have an opportunity to try new techniques and broaden [her] skill set.” Students like Carroll will utilize the resources at Hill to grow as an artist, strengthening her skill set and learning new techniques. 

Similarly, Crystal Zhao ’26, another 3rd former, wants to improve her abilities at Hill. “I wish  to improve my drawing skills as well, especially at painting—I have a lot to learn at using colors.” These talented artists will continue to develop and redefine the visual arts department on campus. 

Orchestra will also add new members to its ranks this year. One of these is Liyan Sun, a cellist with eight years of experience. She began participating in orchestra during elementary school, and since then, has grown into an accomplished musician. She has participated in several different ensembles, including an annual pit orchestra and a cello quartet in support of underprivileged people. At Hill, she hopes to improve the cello section of the orchestra and play a role in “potentially expanding musical opportunities.” 

Chris McGriff, director of the Ellis Theatre Guild, will also see many new arrivals during the 2022-2023 school year. Of these, the Ellis Theatre Guild has two new 5th form members, Devon Smith ’24 and Holly Mason ’24.  

Smith, who previously performed as Cinna in last year’s production of “The Hunger Games,” is excited to immerse himself in the Hill community and share his passion for theater with his peers.  

Mason also has experience in the artform, spending years of time as a dancer, singer, and actor. Anticipating the prospect of joining this community, they are both ready for more unique and innovative shows to come. 

Artists across all fields should look forward to a season containing these new strong voices. We are excited to welcome these talented students to campus and can’t wait to see everything they will accomplish!