Dear Blue: Prom Edition

Prom, the most discussed topic of the year—sorry I meant The Sixth Form Dance. An exquisite dance where female students spend exuberant amounts of money to look top dollar, while male students wear their favorite academic casual outfit-– or academic if you’re lucky. 

First things first, you need a date. Even though it’s not a requirement, trust me, you need a date. Girls go with boys, and boys ask as people say, but after the Sadie Hawkins fiasco it’s not always that way. Of course for girls, asking at Hill typically means staring at a guy and crossing your fingers for a while.

The music will probably be something along the lines of a radio lineup from two years ago with the volume high and pumping bass. Definitely worth your ticket, which is worth approximately 20 months of Spotify Premium, but who’s counting? 

Congratulations to the underformers though, for you will have the time of your lives attending the mandatory fun that weekend. How could prom possibly compare to standing awkwardly in the student center with pizza?

Now, though a quick scroll on @hillprom22 may make it seem like everyone’s wearing the same dress, ladies, worry not. I’m sure your choice for bubblegum over fuschia will make you the prom queen– in your own mind that is; for all the undercover royalty that probably attend Hill, we don’t have it at prom. Not that anyone misses it, but I’m sure some overachieving fifth formers would love to add it to their college applications.

Don’t let the cheesy promposals get you too excited…Do you really think he came up with that pickup line on his own? As for those of you  without a date, don’t fret, screaming “Good 4 U” by Olivia Rodrigo and jumping around for three hours is just as fun with your closest friends, trust me. Don’t get trampled by the football players in the moshing though, they may be in the off season, but they’re pretty strong. 

Fifth form’s got it pretty tough. Good luck getting ready in three hours and still getting enough sleep for school the day after! Bottom line, have fun, make memories and get your groove on. Happy Sixth Form Dance!