Hill welcomes new Capital Construction Project Manager Rich Bouher and bids Robin Rhoades farewell

Hill is welcoming a new Capital Construction Project Manager, Rich Bouher, as the community says goodbye to Robin Rhoades.  

Rhoades has been in this role for the past eight years, overseeing the variety of projects taking place around the school.  

“My role in all projects is to meet with the consultants to develop the design or engineering, bid the project out with the contractors, coordinate the work on campus, monitoring the work once the project begins all while making sure the project is completed to the required schedule and timeline the school wants and needs,” Rhoades said.

As the capital construction project manager, he is also responsible for monitoring ongoing projects taking place on campus and resolving any issues that occur. 

“There is a tremendous amount of coordination that must occur with certain projects so that disruption to campus is kept to a minimum,” explained Rhoades.

He has managed around 75 projects during his time here at Hill, from high-profile jobs like the Dining Hall and the Quadrivium to less obvious jobs like replacing the floor in the Counseling Center.  Rhoades noted that he is most proud of the upgrade to the campus’ electrical infrastructure, which will allow for possible future expansions and renovations to the campus.

After working in construction for 45 years, Rhoades is looking forward to spending more time with his wife, family, and grandkids upon retiring.  He has enjoyed his past seven and a half years here at Hill, and explained that, upon leaving, he will miss the community.

“The Hill has become an extended family for me. The people here have been helpful, supportive, understanding and overall great to work with. Many of the projects I’ve done caused disruption to the lives and work of faculty, staff and students. Everyone met those challenges with support and understanding and for that I’m truly grateful,” Rhoades said.  

Hill has hired Bouher as the new Capital Construction Project Manager. Before taking this job, Bouher was the Construction Manager for DOW Chemical Research Development Facility in Collegeville, Pa., where he was in charge of all of their new construction and renovations in both Pennsylvania and Texas.  He is looking forward to taking on this job and becoming a member of the Hill community. 

“The community engagement and the vision of the Hill align with my personal visions, so it’s an easy transition to make,” remarked Bouher.

He and his wife Jennifer are familiar with the Pottstown area, having recently moved to Beech Street and being active volunteers of Hobart’s Run. In fact, Bouher is planning to volunteer with the organization in his free time.

“I really am excited about the opportunity to work with Hobart’s Run and to give back to the community.  Part of that aspect of what The Hill School does is one of the reasons why I took the job,” Bouher said.

For the first three weeks of February, Bouher worked with Rhoades to be familiarized with the campus, the community, and all ongoing projects.  

“Everybody I have met here has been warm and welcoming, and it’s a nice change of pace. I look forward to spending the next 20 years here,” Bouher said.