New faculty members on the Hill

Every new semester brings not only new students but faculty as well. This year, Hill welcomes many new and exciting faculty members. From football fans to acrobats, married couples to bicycle messengers, each one adds something unique to campus and is eager to join us. 

Dr. Maureen Courtney

Dr. Maureen Courtney will be teaching two sections of AP Psychology and Chemistry. She will also serve as the Dorm head in Dell and the assistant coach of the Varsity Softball team. “I’m most excited to be a part of the Hill School community,” said M. Courtney. “In particular, I’m eager to take part in all of Hill’s traditions that will allow me to get to know the students outside of the classroom.” A Pottstown native, M. Courtney was born here and lived four miles away from Hill before her family moved to Delaware. 

Jared Courtney

Jared Courtney, married to Dr. Maureen Courtney, will be the Dean of the Shirley Quadrivium. He will also teach Chemistry 1, Honors Chemistry, and coach crew. “I am definitely most excited to be at Hill for the opening of the amazing new Shirley Quadrivium facility,” said J. Courtney. “It is also exciting to see how the momentum around Hill’s STEM offerings can build towards new initiatives.” As Dean of the Quadrivium, J. Courtney will work with teachers in mathematics, science, and engineering/computer science to innovate Hill’s STEM curriculum. “To earn extra money in college, I was a bicycle messenger in Center City Philadelphia for three years,” said J. Courtney when asked for a fun fact. “I was hit by 12 cars during that time –  thankfully, none of them very seriously!”

Elizabeth DeOrnellas

Elizabeth DeOrnellas will serve as the new adviser to The Hill News and will teach English 2 and Journalism. “For the past four years, I’ve had a job that requires rotating between four campuses,” said DeOrnellas. “I’m very excited to have the chance to deeply invest in one community and to build some strong ties to the Hill family.” DeOrnellas has taught in three very different states: Oklahoma, North Carolina, and California.

Charles Reid

“I’m excited to jump into the community, connect with the students, and to experience L’ville week!” said Charles Reid, who will teach in the Math Department, work in admissions, and serve as the Head Football Coach. Reid recalls the time he spent living in Nashville, Tennessee. “My students refused to believe that I had never eaten at a Cracker Barrel, nor a Waffle House,” said Reid. “Apparently, those places are a big deal in the South!”

Terri Reid

Terri Reid, married to Charles Reid, will be the new Learning Support Coordinator as well as teaching two sections of English 2. Reid, who is originally from the Boston, MA area, has lived in many places around the United States. “I have moved 16 times in the past 28 years,” said Reid. “I have lived in Virginia, New Hampshire, Connecticut, Tennessee, and now Pennsylvania.” Reid misses the day-to-day connection with students and is very excited to physically be in a classroom with students.

Dr. Mark Rhodes

Dr. Mark Rhodes will teach IM41, Honors Calculus, AP Calculus, BC/Multivariable Calculus and will be a dorm parent in Wendell. At this moment, Rhodes said he is “most excited to get to know the students at The Hill, to experience their energy, wit, and courage.” As for a fun fact, Rhodes is apparently the most agile person that has ever lived.  However, “mydefinitionoffactmaydifferfrommost,” said Rhodes. 

Shannon Ruane

“I’m a HUGE college football fan,” said alumna Shannon Ruane, who will teach three sections of Physics 1 Honors and will possibly assist with one section of Environmental Science. “I’m always happy to talk about the weekend’s games, and I’ll often be seen carrying around a Penn State football mug or wearing Penn State sweaters.” Outside the classroom, Ruane will be a dorm parent in Upper School West and help coach girls’ soccer and softball. “Ultimately, I’m looking forward to being back at Hill in this new role and am eager to start teaching and getting to know the students of the school.”

Nicholas Malinak

Nicholas Malinak will join the History and Arts Departments where he will teach Speech 1 and 20th Century History. He also looks forward to becoming the Head Speech and Debate coach. “There are a lot of challenges that our society faces this year, but with them come opportunities for growth,” said Malinak. “I am most excited about being part of a new family this year as we work together at Hill to turn obstacles into opportunities.” Malinak recalls growing up in Montana, “where cows outnumber people.” He learned that there are wonderful people and cultures everywhere as long as you take the time to learn about them.