The New Way to Prefect


Illustration Courtesy of Chloe Han ’22

Although it might be more difficult to connect and maintain relationships with their prefectees due to the physical restrictions, this year’s prefects are getting innovative in finding ways to reach out to their prefectees. Head Prefect Aidan Dunn ’21 said, “In a unique situation like the one we are currently in, I have to be creative. Whether that means taking the hall to breakfast or playing nine holes with a few of the prefectees at Brookside.”

As a community, Hill relies on the prefects to lead and discipline themselves as well as others. Head of Upper School East Jennifer Weisbach said, “It’s important to recognize how great of a job the prefects have done. They’ve gone above and beyond on what’s been asked of them and have made every effort to be creative problem solvers. That’s what we’re looking for.”

“Prefecting isn’t glamorous,” said Head Prefect Kiki Lange ’21. “You must be willing to put other people before yourself. There are lots of long nights and most of the time you’ll be no one’s favorite person, but at the end of the day the reward is much greater than the sacrifice.” 

A common theme among prefects is that their reason for pursuing this leadership opportunity is to serve the community. Izzy Tabbarinni ’21 expressed that her motivation for becoming a prefect was to have the opportunity to help others and “be someone people could lean on.” 

“It’s very simple: I am here to serve those around me,” Dunn said.