Biden puts together a groundbreaking all female communications team


President-elect Joe Biden has put together an all-star communications team of all women.

In a statement given to CNN, Biden said, “I am proud to announce today the first senior White House communications team composed entirely of women. These qualified, experienced communicators bring diverse perspectives to their work and a shared commitment to building this country back better.”

Former Obama White House Communications Director Jen Psaki will be returning to The White House under the title of press secretary. 

According to Politico, Psaki oversaw the economic portfolio for communication under Obama and served as spokesperson for the State Department during John Kerry’s tenure. 

Alongside Psaki, Kate Bedingfield will serve as the White House communications director. This nomination comes after Bedingfield worked as deputy campaign manager and communications director during the campaign. 

Pili Tobar will take the role of deputy White House communications director. Furthermore, Karine Jean-Pierre will serve as principal deputy press secretary, after being both a senior advisor on the campaign and later serving as Vice President-elect Kamala Harris’s chief of staff. 

Senior advisors on the Biden campaign Symone Sanders and Ashley Etienne, will also join the team.  Sanders will be assuming the position of senior adviser and chief spokesperson for the vice president, and Etienne will serve as communications director for the vice president. 

Elizabeth Alexander, another senior campaign aide, will serve as communications director for Dr. Jill Biden.  

This team of seven women will occupy the most visible positions within the Biden administration. 

Jodi Edna with NBC wrote, “It’s ironic and perhaps fitting that it took President-elect Joe Biden, the oldest man to win the White House, to open the gates of power to women in a truly significant way.” 

On top of an all-female communications team, Biden has nominated women for top national security and economic positions. Biden’s goal is to continue placing women and people of color in high ranking jobs throughout his administration. 

Men have occupied top government positions for decades. This historical all-female communications team ensures that there will be a woman weighing in on every important decision being made in the White House. 

According to the Center for American Women and Politics at Rutgers University, only 54 women have ever served in Cabinet, or Cabinet-level positions, with only 12 presidents appointing them. Ten of those women were appointed by Obama.  

There is no question that there is still a glass ceiling looming over women in politics. However, with significant steps being made by the Biden administration, it only seems closer to breaking. 

Biden made a campaign promise that his administration would reflect America, and so far, he has delivered.