Chirieleison and Mayfield as 2020-21 SGA Co-Presidents



On April 15, the school announced Sasjha Mayfield ’21 and Andrew Chirieleison ’21 as the SGA Co-Presidents for the 2020-21 academic year. This year’s election was an exciting novelty for Hill, as this will be the first time in the school’s history that a Co-Presidency is implemented.

“Andrew and I are genuine and hardworking,” Mayfield said. 

The two have dedicated themselves to many aspects of Hill: Mayfield has been a member of the Honour Council for the past two years, while Chirieleison has demonstrated his leadership qualities in classrooms and on sports teams. 

Community and transparency have been the leading goals of Chirieleison and Mayfield’s campaign. The pair ensures the school that they can enact change through the introduction of various ideas, such as updating washers and dryers to a quarter-free system and permitting earrings for male students. 

“Although it seems small, things like [implementing quarter-free laundry service] end up bringing up efficiency; it feels more convenient and makes life easier,” Chirieleison said. In addition, Mayfield and Chirieleison intend to continue the school’s trajectory of community service by bringing back the Pottstown CARES Program, as well as other community service activities. They are also eager to revitalize the SGA Open Forums to make them a more prominent aspect of Hill life, which, according to Mayfield, would be a way to make sure that “all of our peers feel heard and represented.” 

During their campaign, Chirieleison and Mayfield re-emphasized the role of the SGA.

“We want to serve as an even louder voice for our peers,” Mayfield said. As Chirieleison highlighted in the debate, “Where there’s a will, there’s a way,” and the two Co-Presidents have promised to advocate for the student body as passionately as they can. 

“[We would like to] assist the current SGA and other clubs/organizations continue to run smoothly as we go through Spring term,” Mayfield said.  “We plan to hit the ground running in terms of proposals and getting our community back to normal after such an uncertain time.” 

“Sashja and I are incredibly grateful and honored to represent the Sixth Form and we look forward to all that next year may bring,” Chirieleison said. “Our main objective is to serve any way necessary and help further the mission of The Hill School in all that we do.”