Club spotlight: The arts and sciences find homes in student organizations


Media: Mallory Rohrbaugh '25

Lucy Lyu ’25 (left) hopes to provide a collaborative space for artists and writers in Medley. Cayden Cubbin ’25 and Drew Ward ’25 (center) create a space for STEM students in the Technology Student Association. Nimala Sivakumar ’23 (right) shares her passion for the written word through the Hill Literary Society.

Clubs play an integral part to life at Hill. According to the president of Medley, a club focused on the arts and writing, Lucy Lyu ’25, “clubs are a chance for everybody to show their creativity and allow some students to exhibit their leadership skills.” Clubs provide a space for students to pursue passions and interests that they cannot practice during school hours.

Currently, in the 2022-23 school year, 71 clubs are offered. Clubs vary from the fishing club, DECA, Young Republicans, Operation Smile, and many more. 

Showcased here is a small selection of student organizations for the year. 


A new club this year is the Medley. Run by 4th former  Lucy Lyu ’25, the club aims to bring together students with an interest in writing and art. “We create a literary magazine, but what is special about this is that we get inspiration from other students’ artwork and then we write a story based on the artwork,”  Lyu said. 

The club offers the ability to bring together students with different strengths in arts and writing. Lyu believes you need a good combination of both activities.

 “I like art, but only performing it. I really like literature, so I feel like if I can find somebody who can help me with this and get my thoughts on paper, it would be really good” Lyu said.

Technology Student Association

A club directed towards students interested in science, technology, engineering and math is the Technology Student Association. The club is involved in statewide competitions focused on developing leadership skills, collaborating together and gaining knowledge on all things STEM-related. President Cayden Cubbin ’25 and Vice President Drew Ward ’25 believe their club is a chance for students to work on a wide variety of projects. 

“You can give a speech, you could build a robot, a plane, you could write a story, analyze forensic data, you could do anything in the general field of engineering,” Cubbin ’25 said about the opportunities in which members can partake. 

Both Cubbin and Ward are hoping to lead their members to the state championship this year and continue to succeed in the future.

Hill Literary Society

A returning club to campus is the Hill Literary Society, run by 6th former Nimala Sivakumar ’23. This society offers students a chance to sit down and talk about various types of writing and discuss it. On October 29, the society hosted an event dedicated to reading Edgar Allen Poe with hot cider and cookies. 

“It’s nice to have a space with like-minded people who also enjoy literature, just people irrespective of form or of gender, to sit down and talk about literature,” Sivakumar said.