Dancers are eager to perform on stage for the last dance recital this year


Media: Yina Yao '25

Dancers rehearsing on stage in CFTA.

Dancing often requires extraordinary stamina and commitment. The final dance recital is coming up on Friday, and the dancers at Hill have put much effort into it. They practice over the weekends and are confident and well-prepared to present to the whole school. This art show will be a combination of athleticism and different art forms, including ballet, jazz, contemporary, hip hop, and tap. 

I am most excited to perform Esmerelda’s classic ballet variation from the Hunchback of Notre Dame ballet. In this variation, she dances while playing the tambourine,” Eva Catalano’ 25 stated in an email, she can’t wait to perform this piece of work combining ballet and music. She thinks it is wonderful to have the opportunity to dance at Hill. Catalano really appreciates the guidance of the dance instructor at Hill, Laura Cobbs. She enjoys working with the dancers as they offer her different perspectives of dance techniques. 

Dancers warm-up at the beginning of every class, they explore new choreography and rehearse to see if it goes well with the music beats.

Dance class was a place where I could unabashedly let myself move and I wanted to continue that feeling of freedom” Geordie Ravara’ 22 stated in an email. Dancers at Hill are encouraged to step out of their comfort zone and try diverse styles of dance techniques. They develop a greater appreciation of their movements and the expression of emotions on stage.