Ellis Theater Guild makes their TV debut

Photo by Bella Basile ’21 

As the Hill School Center for The Arts fills with excitement for the viewing of a new Ellis Theater Guild production, the format looks different for actors and spectators alike. In years past, opening night has been an opportunity for classmates and families of the cast to see a live performance. Just like the rest of Showday’s creation, opening night had to look different from a typical year due to COVID-19 precautions. This year’s Showday performance was more like a movie, and the cast members were able to watch themselves on the big screen. 


“Tonight we’re actually seeing all the work that we have put in,” Jayden Nyce ‘21 said. He, along with the rest of his castmates in Showday had the opportunity to process down the red carpet for photos and a moment of fame before seeing himself in the Showday recording. 


Due to COVID-19 precautions, students were unable to sing in large groups without masks meaning their songs were pre-recorded separately and added on in the editing stage of the production. This means that students hadn’t been able to see the show fully put together.


“Us actors haven’t seen the entire thing, so tonight is when we get to see the first two episodes in its entirety” Nyce said. 


The theater tech team, who usually spend performance nights moving around props and actors were able to enjoy a more relaxed performance. “On a night like tonight where we are watching a television show we kind of just hit play” said Robert Steinman, Assistant Theater Technician. 


“We’re just really excited to celebrate,” Director of the CFTA and creator of Showday, Chris Mcgriff, said. The energy in the CFTA was palpable as students cheered one another down the runway and as their castmates appeared on screen. 


“Our students have done such a great job, extra hard work” McGriff said. 


Students and Faculty involved with Showday all seemed to agree that despite the many obstacles faced when it came to physical distancing and mask usage, they were proud of their work and excited to see it all come together. “It’s been really fun to rally the troops and get all the dancers together and have a really great time” Dance Captain Lauryn Fudala ‘21 said. 


They also all seem to agree that Showday is worth the watch. “The first episode is only the beginning,” Ellis Theater Girls Co-President Parker Mcquaid said.