Everyone works out in the end, even the girls


Anastasia Krafczek ’25, Hala Silverstein ’23, and Emilie Kirschner ’23 do a wall sit during female only gym hours.

The Hill School weight room underwent significant changes this year, most notably, “girls only” hours on Friday and Saturday evenings from 7:30–8:30 p.m. Assistant Athletic Director Elle O’ Brien initially suggested this concept upon her arrival at Hill, but in April, finally implemented the change to provide girls with a sense of empowerment, comfort, and inclusion. 

Before the introduction of girls-only hours, “a lot of our female students weren’t super comfortable going into the gym,” O’Brien said. “During study hall hours it is busy and most of the people in the weight room are boys which can be intimidating so the need started well before the hours were implemented.” 

For girls who have just started going to the gym, girls-only hours offer them an opportunity to lift comfortably without intimidation from their male counterparts.  

“I did not feel scared if I messed up on something and felt I could ask for advice and to borrow equipment from the people around me,” Hala Silverstein ’23 said. “Additionally, it felt more like a vocally open community where with the boys, it is not like they are rude or anything, there is just a disconnect.”  

Colby Isabelle ’23 also mentioned that with these girls-only hours, girls have the “ability to go up to someone they are familiar with or someone in the same position as them and ask to borrow equipment or help. Typically, those questions might be intimidating for girls to ask guys those questions.”  

Overall, the girls-only gym hours allow for more girls to start working out in an environment where they feel comfortable and excited about lifting. The first weekend of girls-only gym hours had a great turnout, leading Coach O’ Brien to consider extending these hours throughout the spring, and possibly even adding an hour on Thursday morning.