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Diemmy Dang ’24

On Nov. 2, all forms took part in meetings over Zoom to discuss the upcoming election with their form advisors. The third form went over topics of civics and citizenship, talking about things such as voting eligibility, branches of government, and the electoral college. As the group of students farthest from voting age, there was an emphasis on the importance of staying involved citizens, despite not being able to have a direct say in their government representatives. Form advisors Dana Perry-Hunter and Amanda Dougherty also spoke to the students about having respect and empathy for each other during the days following the election in particular. They ended the meeting by reiterating that no matter what political standpoints or disagreements students may have, they should not allow it to cause further division among themselves. 

Carrie Shang ’23

On Monday, Nov. 2nd, the fourth form came together on Zoom to discuss their thoughts about the various factors of the presidential election. Form advisors, Kevin Tkachuk and Elena Dauphinais, clearly stated that students should keep their personal views on the upcoming election out of this discussion. To start things off, student government form representatives, John Ju and Stefanie Li, sent out an anonymous poll. It asked students to rank five issues—climate change, healthcare, economy, social justice, and education—from most important to least important. As a whole, the form ranked climate change, economy, and social justice as the three more important issues. After that opening activity, students  watched a video on the electoral college. The video was quite informative, since most did not know much about the topic. It also sparked some conversation regarding the electoral college’s fairness and whether it is a system that the US should continue to use. 

Paige Timbrook ’22

With less than twenty four hours before the presidential election, students are undoubtedly experiencing a countless number of emotions. Unsure if their preferred candidate will be chosen to be President, they continue to hope and pray for the best outcome. A zoom meeting was held where they offered useful advice to all students before the momentous day. Throughout the fifth form meeting with form deans, Seth and Donna Eilberg, the class discussed ways in which they can remain respectful when listening to others’ opinions and sharing their own opinions during this time. The Eilbergs are counting on the fifth form to be well behaved and set a good example for the underformers. Acknowledging this is a very difficult time for all, the fifth form agreed it would only be in everyone’s best interests to remain together as a strong and united community. In addition to this, the students took a quick quiz; Mr. and Mrs. Eilberg put together 14 general questions about voting, presidents, and the election. Before the students began to write down their answers, it was announced that the students who get a 14/14 on this quiz will receive a Chick-Fil-A gift card. This caused a great amount of excitement and competition among the fifth form students. The meeting ended not only with five winners, but also with all of the fifth form students aware of their crucial responsibilities in the days ahead. 

Edward Deng ’21

Last night’s sixth form meeting was led by form deans, Ed Turner and Larissa Synder and moderated by our SGA Co-Presidents Andrew Chirieleison and Sasjha Mayfield. The zoom meeting was meant to inform and stimulate political discourse as well as encourage interest in these subjects, due to the upcoming election. Once the initial questions were thoroughly discussed within breakout rooms, our form Deans then encouraged us to share our political views anonymously over a third-party website. While this was happening, some students began using the chat to debate about how we could improve our current political system, more specifically the electoral college and ranked-choice ballots. Although most students were respectful, there were a handful resorting to rude and immature rebuttals which lead to the chat being disabled. Shortly after the form meeting was concluded and the students proceeded to the club debates.

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