Hill performers in “Love Dot” receive accolades in the national Cappie Awards


Frankie Halvey ’24, Timmy Woodward ’24, Sophie Walsh ’24, and Harry Whaley ’25 sit together in the audience at the Cappie Awards. Photo Courtesy of Frankie Halvey ’24.

After the Hill theater department staged an original retelling of “Wizard of Oz”— called “Love, Dot”— many performers from the show were nominated for the Cappie Awards. The Cappie Awards are nationwide high school theater awards, which means winning one is a considerable accomplishment. The two winners from Hill were Nimala Sivakumar ‘23 and Kelly Grable ’23 for Best Stage Management. The cast and crew of “Love, Dot” also won Best Song In A Musical for “Every Step You Take,” which was sung by Daniel Schlegel ’23. 

“I was extremely relieved when I heard the news. I was super happy to know that all my hard character work paid off in one way or another!” Timothy Woodward ’24 stated in an email. He believed that the character he acted for, Glen, was the complete opposite of himself. However, he was confident that he made Glen the best he could. 

“Honestly, when rehearsing the play, I wasn’t even thinking about the Cappie awards, I was simply trying to create an environment for our students that would best foster their artistic endeavors,” Christopher McGriff, director of the CFTA, stated in an email. He said he is proud of the students who were nominated for the Cappie Awards and all the students who participated in “Love Dot.” He added that he appreciated all the support from the Hill community and the growth of the performers. 

“I was extremely excited to be nominated for Best Solo Dancer and for Show Choreography. I have been working a lot harder on dancing this school year and it felt amazing to be recognized for my hard work.” Geordie Ravara ’22 stated in an email. She was grateful to be nominated for the Cappie Award, and she felt blessed to have seen so many great shows in the process. Ravara stated that she had seen some of the other nominated shows, and she couldn’t believe that she was nominated for the Cappie Awards since all of the other shows running were “amazing.” 

Here is the full list of Hill nominations for the Cappie Awards: 

Best Choreography: Geordie Ravara, Student Dance Captain.
Best Stage Management Team: Kelly Grable and Nimala Sivakumar (WINNER)
Best Stage Crew: The Love Dot Stage Crew
Best Solo Dancer: Geordie Ravara (as The Wizard)
Best Male Vocalist: Daniel Schlegel
Best Comic Actor in a Musical: Timmy Woodward
Best Supporting Actress in a Musical: Meena Ali
Best Lead Actress in a Musical: Isabella Moranheras
Best Song In a Musical: Every Step You Take (WINNER)