Madden Stadium construction finally approaches completion


Media: Dami Obubona '23

Construction of the Madden Stadium will be completed mid-May

The Madden Stadium, a highly anticipated construction project at the Hill named after the Madden family, seeks to provide student-athletes with a first-class experience. 

The state-of-the-art facility primarily caters to football athletes but also accommodates other sports and can hold up to 750 people.  

Rich Bouher, the Capital Construction Project Manager, oversees all construction activities related to non-routine maintenance projects and provides a glimpse into the features of the new stadium and its significance for Hill students. Bouher emphasizes that installing the new field will create more opportunities for student-athletes to compete with their peers at other schools. 

Construction began in October 2022, and Bouher expects completion by mid-May, pending validation of all lighting and scoreboard systems. This quick turnaround time is remarkable considering that the stadium was built on “essentially bedrock,” according to Bouher. 

Varsity football player Billy Antippas ’24 expresses his excitement about playing in a brand-new stadium next season.  

“I’m excited for the new stadium. It’ll be great to finally play on it,” Antippas said. 

Varsity football coach Kevin Tkachuk agrees that it was time for Hill to provide a new facility for its football players and highlights how this development benefits the Hill community. 

“The stadium will provide great opportunities for us to gather in larger groups to support our teams being able to play, and for the football team specifically to play Friday night and Saturday night games that the community can come and support,” Tkachuk said. 

The Madden Stadium will be a valuable addition to Hill’s athletic facilities, providing student-athletes with top-notch amenities to help them succeed both on and off the field.