NFL Films colorist Drew Williams speaks to Hill journalism students about his behind-the-scenes work


Media: Katie Newkirk '23

Hill journalism students enjoy the discussion with Drew Williams.

NFL Films colorist Drew Williams is a professional in his field. Williams was able to give valuable insight to the students, give advice, and recommended internships. Williams has worked closely with NFL Films, and has produced many shows and games, including popular productions like “Man in the Arena,” and “The Fab Five.”

Drew Williams spoke to the Hill School journalism class on May 6, informing the class of his journey of becoming a colorist for NFL films. Williams, a graduate from Temple, did not expect himself to work at NFL Films in the first place. Williams was playing the “internship game” or cycling through companies looking for work. 

“I still wasn’t sure if I wanted to direct, if I wanted to write, or if I wanted to edit,” Williams said.

The consecutive internships led him to an internship with NFL Films where he became very interested and decided to settle in.

A colorist is an artist or designer who uses color in a special or skillful way. Williams’ job is to manipulate “the colors and the way that it’s broken down into specific vectors.” 

Williams also edits the saturation and bit depth of the picture he is given.

He explained to the class what he does; the fact that not many people do it; and that there are only a handful of colorists who work for the NFL and that he happens to be one of them. He knew after his short time in Hollywood that this is what he is going to do for time being.

This then led him to relay the advice: “Always have a Plan B.” 

He finished his thoughts by stating his belief in confidence and valuing your own time. 

“If you start valuing your time, others will too.”