Hill community members reflect on their summer experience

Summer is a time where members of the Hill community get to embark on multiple experiences that allow them to come back with diverse perspectives to share with the community.

Ari Baum, dean of students, travelled extensively to 30 different states. He said, “My whole summer was a highlight.” He got the chance to meet with multiple members of the Hill community miles and miles away from the campus. Mr. Baum even reconnected with the Mestre brothers before their Olympic debut. He also saw Matthew Gettings, senior master of mathematics, and Mark Nelson, senior master of science, in Maine. A summer like no other, Mr. Baum made sure to spend it with the people who mattered most, as he also had an opportunity to go to Traverse City, Mich., with his boarding school advisor. Mr. Baum emphasized the notion that ties never truly sever! 

As for students, incoming SGA Co-President Noah Toole, had a summer full of adversity. He stated that it was a tough sequence of events after he tore his ACL. He was on the brink of accepting an offer to play sports at the collegiate level had it not happened. He is, however, extremely optimistic that he will return to sports by the spring. 

Another Hill community member, Jace White, stated that his favorite moment of the summer was racing at nationals for crew. He said, “It was nice to see familiar faces while keeping in shape.” These summer highlights from a few members of the Hill community show diverse experiences that will bring back new perspectives to share.