Political clubs actively spreading awareness of the election


Photo by Emily Dunn ’21

With the election season approaching, political clubs on campus are becoming more active than ever. The four political clubs — Young Democratic Socialists of America, Young Republicans Club, Young Democrats Club and Gray — are planning to host debates and use social media to spread awareness about the election. With different political stances, there is a common goal uniting these clubs: prevent discontent and conflict resulting from political differences on campus. The club leaders are planning to conduct on-campus activities to inform students about different aspects of the 2020 election.

Young Democratic Socialists of America:

YDSA is a progressive platform for student Democratic Socialists to discuss and support fundamental human rights and ongoing political issues in the United States. Within the Hill campus and the Pottstown community, YDSA is thinking of conducting debates with other Hill political clubs and running campaigns against voter suppression in community centers and high schools. In addition, the club also plans to create a website with information on voting registration, candidate policies and the mechanism of voter suppression. 

Co-Chair and Founder Gavin Guerrette ’21 emphasized political neutrality: “The YDSA isn’t tied to a specific candidate or party … If you are interested in social progress, democratic socialism will foster change,” as well as stressed that the club is open up to seeing the flaws and solutions of the American government.” 

YDSA has discussed the method of endorsement with leaders from other political clubs. There are no specific dates for further activities yet. For more information, contact Guerrette at [email protected].

Young Republicans Club:

With 80 members, the YRC is currently one of the biggest political clubs on campus. The club fosters a diversified atmosphere with students from different backgrounds. Serving as the members’ voices on campus, the Young Republicans Club is working on discussing the 2020 election while not disrupting the community. The YRC will have a spot on the Transcendence podcast. Currently, political clubs, including YRC, are engaging in consistent talks with the Dean’s Office. The YRC is also trying to host a debate with other political clubs in order to share ideas about how the election will proceed in this pandemic. 

According to Co-President and Founder William Thompson ’21, “We try to be unbiased in every way; I don’t believe that forcing or projecting beliefs to other students is a rightful action in a political club. These political talks cannot tear us apart. The YRC is finding new ways to guide the Hill School to an understanding melting pot.”

For more information related to the Transcendence podcast and debates, check the email Today on the Hill and contact Thompson at [email protected].

Young Democrats  Club:

YDC is trying to be a leading example of political discourse and critical listening. The club is planning to talk about current events and politics with other clubs. “It is important to be talking about current events and politics to stay informed. We will continue to talk about the election and how this could be a turning point,” said club leader William Dollhopf ’21. Events have not been planned yet due to the pandemic, but further activities on the election will be shared through Today on the Hill and occasionally on the Transcendence Podcast on Thursdays.

“We want a leader that is respectable as a role model that people from all countries will look up to,” Dollhopf added. Emphasizing the essential need of a sage who will lead to the solution of the pandemic and social issues, Dollhopf said, “We need a leader who will respect people with differences.” 

Future plans of the YDC can be found in the Today on the Hill email. Dollhopf said, “Due to COVID restrictions, we are still trying to figure out what events we will be putting on, but I will keep the Hill students posted for new updates.” Information can be found through Dollhopf’s personal email: [email protected].


GRAY is a club that focuses on civil discourse, American politics and international politics. Unlike other clubs with clear political affiliations, GRAY mainly focuses on effective conversation tactics and active listening. By holding active discussions, Sasjha Mayfield ’21 and William Thompson ’21 hope students will share perspectives and objectively criticize their own thoughts. Co-Presidents Sasjha Mayfield ’21 and William Thompson ’21 asserted that even though there is a scarce possibility of being involved in politics in Pottstown, GRAY will actively participate in politics at Hill. 

“The SGA and SAFE are planning to do some workshops together with GRAY to talk about civil discourse while respecting one another,” Mayfield said. Through cooperation with other on-campus organizations, GRAY is trying to build a safe environment for students to overcome differences and understand the disagreements between each other. 

GRAY will also utilize mediums such as Transcendence and Today on The Hill to build respect for others’ political views and voices during the election season. GRAY members hope Hill students will gain the chance to voluntarily engage in politics while embracing the diverse community. More information will be given through Today on the Hill and the co-leaders’ personal emails: [email protected] and [email protected].

“Hill is a diverse community. There needs to be some work done with destigmatizing talking about politics. If we can get students to be comfortable talking to each other, being honest, and be willing to challenge themselves politically, respectful diversity can be achieved at The Hill School, ” Mayfield said.