Pottstown Athletic Club empowers the community and changes lives



Pottstown Athletic Club, also known as PAC, is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization dedicated to improving the health and wellbeing of its members. Serving families in Pottstown and surrounding cities, PAC has been in operation for over 25 years as a socially responsible organization.  

“We recognize the ability we possess to take control of not only our lives, but to help others empower themselves and change their lives,” Rob Matthews, executive director and owner, explained. 

Pottstown Athletic Club offers a variety of fitness programs for all ages. While the karate program or USA Boxing team may be more popular, families may also enjoy joining the Pottstown Dragon Warriors team.  

Dragon Warriors is a competitive dragon boat racing team which practices year-round. When team members are not paddling on the Schuylkill River or Marsh Creek, they practice on land at the Armory, which houses indoor rowing equipment and a paddle pool, located in Pottstown Athletic Club. 

Other families may prefer, however, PAC’s CrossFit program. CrossFit meets seven days a week, with both morning and afternoon training options. One of the unique aspects of the CrossFit program at Pottstown Athletic Club is the sister program, CrossFit Resurgence. Valuing more than just the physical fitness of the community, PAC provides individuals recovering from drug and alcohol addiction the support they need. Those enrolled in this free program attend CrossFit classes three times a week, in addition to weekly meetings where participants are able to share their experiences battling addiction with others.  

Another program benefitting struggling community members is the Clean Streets Program. Juveniles who have been assigned community service by local PA District Judges in response to committing a low-level offense are considered for admittance into the “Clean Streets Program.” In addition to sweeping neighborhood streets in Pottstown or shoveling sidewalks clean of snow, those enrolled in the program are required to participate in CrossFit training.  

The objective of the Clean Streets program is to help these youth establish a sense of achievement while engaging with adult role models. With this, Pottstown Athletic Club hopes to teach juveniles accountability, with a goal of the youth making wiser choices in the future. 

Pottstown Athletic Club is committed to providing support for community members seeking changes in their life. One of these committed people is Sam Calvanese, a coach and mentor at PAC and a graduate of the CrossFit Resurgence program.  

“Most of us in Resurgence struggle with anxiety, depression, eating disorders—and we can talk about all that here so it’s a really nice safe place” Calvanese said. “It’s life changing, and I would not be alive today without this place. I truly feel that deep in my soul.”