Rishi Sunak elected as the new English Prime Minister


Rishi Sunak assumes the role of UK Prime Minister.

Rishi Sunak was named as the next prime minister of the U.K after Liz Truss’ sudden resignation. Four leading candidates, including Boris Johnson who served as Prime minister in 2019, competed head-to-head in the special emergency election. No votes were cast, as Rishi Sunak, a member of the Conservative party, was the only one to receive the necessary 100 nominations. On Tuesday, October 25, Sunak was officially appointed as the first prime minister of color.

Ever since 2010, a conservative leader had been elected. Sunak continues to lead this streak. Now in office, Sunak’s goals are certain. Though his plans lack certain detail, Rishi Sunak plans on working on creating jobs and securing society from crime and safety problems. He issued a 10-point plan for Britain, covering areas as diverse as tackling crime, cutting backlogs in the National Health Service, and transforming education.

“Despite the extraordinary support we’ve already provided, we face profound economic challenges. The world’s economic activity has slowed, with the IMF expecting the deepest global recession since records began. Taken together in just two months, our economy contracted by 25%. The same amount it grew in the previous 18 years. The Independent Office for Budget Responsibility and Bank of England are both projecting significant job losses, the most urgent challenge we currently face,” Rishi Sunak said. He mentioned that the government has the job to protect, support, and secure jobs and businesses under the £160 billion plan.

“The government I lead will not leave the next generation, your children and grandchildren, with a debt to settle that we were too weak to pay ourselves,” Sunak declares in his first speech as prime minister. Mixed opinions swarm U.K. news. He previously ran against Truss and his viewpoints and goals were relatively clear; however, this early in his ministry leaves no plans determined. Sunak is said to be a minister who cares, following the quote from his speech. Sunak firmly believes that he will create a stronger impact than his predecessor Liz Truss has created.