Search for a new Associate Headmaster


As current Associate Headmaster, Len Miller, leaves Hill to become head of school at Saint Mary’s Hall in San Antonio, Texas, Hill has begun the search for a new associate headmaster. The search process has been led by Heather Gelting, the human resources director here at Hill. 

“Mr. Lehman and I reviewed all of the resumes, and I did some of the phone calls to touch base with some of the candidates, but he did a lot of that as well because he regards this position as really being his right hand,” Gelting said. 

The top five candidates have been making their visits to campus to tour, to meet faculty and students, teach, and to interview with other members of the community. 

“We are trying to set the candidates up with experiences to meet the students in and out of the classroom to get a sense of the persons personality, cultural fit, and how they would fit in on campus and serve the student community,” Gelting said. 

Student feedback is vital to the position since the associate headmaster is so heavily involved in student life. A select group of students have been asked to help by getting to know the candidates.

“There is a group of student leaders, which I am a part of [as the] head prefect, and we get to have lunch with each associate headmaster candidate,” Liza Moore ’20 said. 

These students have been meeting the candidates over lunch and getting to know them. The student leaders have also been helping them to get a better picture of how they would fit in at Hill. 

“They ask us questions about our view of Hill, or some things that we love or don’t love about Hill,” Moore said. 

“Our goal is to have an offer out and an acceptance for the position by March 6,” Gelting said. The Hill School community can expect to know who will be joining us as the next Associate Headmaster in a matter of weeks.