Spring Dance Recital ends the year with a stunning performance


Adele Harris ’22 leaps mid air during a performance. Photo Courtesy of Hill Snapshots.

Curtains draw on figures shrouded in shadow — female students perform dressed as “men” in the opening number of the dance concert set to “The Man” by Taylor Swift. The Spring Dance Recital featured all types of art — students did everything — creating art for the colorful and vibrant backgrounds (Arwen Lutwyche ’22), recording piano music for dancers (Amanda Hudak ’24), and even singing songs live for the performance (Isabella Moranheras ’22).

The dancers were unable to perform some numbers due to an unexpected injury, but they persisted, performing with no issue.

The audience enjoyed the show, rocking performance after performance with thunderous applause. “It was apparent how invested they were in doing something that they truly love,” said Johnny Dai ’22, who was an audience member, moments after exiting the auditorium.

For the seniors, it was a farewell show, and many of them were dejected as they walked out: “I’m kinda sad that this was my last concert, but I was glad to be able to choreograph so much and be involved in so many different ways,” Geordie Ravara ’22, a senior dancer, said. Like some others, Ravara choreographed her solo on her own.

Students filled in many other roles besides dancing during the recital, some being Timothy Woodward ’24 and Daniel Schlegel ’23 as MCs, who hosted the show while managing to carry out the costume changes required for their numbers. Moranheras also sang a number of solos throughout the night. 

Behind the scenes, technical elements were provided by students as well. “I enjoyed shining a light both literally and metaphorically on the dancers,” said Annie Nguyen ’24, a spotlight operator for the night. 

“Today was the day that I finally decided I appreciate dance,” said Harry Whaley ’25.