Students delve into new topics through H-Term


H-Term is a new opportunity for students to explore different areas during a two-week period.

During the two-week period between Thanksgiving break and winter break, Hill has a unique academic experience called H-Term. H-Term is an opportunity for students to take a break from their regular academic courses and investigate specific topics in greater depth. This H-Term, Hill will offer courses covering topics in life skills, sustainability, global studies, social justice and more. The classes encompass a diverse range of subjects, and courses on fly fishing, playwriting, cooking, poetry, and constitutional law are just a few of those being taught this year.

Students have selected their top five courses from the catalogue and will have the chance to take two classes over the course of 17 days. There will be no regular academic classes throughout this time. Students will have their two selected classes every day. Each class will be about two and a half hours long, with one class in the morning and one in the afternoon with lunch in between. Following classes, students will then head to their winter term co-curriculars. 

Many students speak highly about H-Term and feel lucky that Hill offers something like this.

“I think H-Term is a good break that is much needed for many students,” said Anastasia Krafczek ’25, who will be taking the courses ‘Fast Fashion: Trends, Icons, and Sustainability at Hill’ and ‘The Economics of Sports.’

Gracie Eilberg ’25 felt similarly. “It is a unique opportunity that many other schools do not offer, and it allows students to explore different interests and fun subjects.” Eilberg will be taking the courses ‘International Traveling: The Joys and Challenges of Backpacking’ and ‘Religion and Food’.

“Students can gain valuable real-world experience through internships, deep-dive in an independent study with a focus on a topic they’re passionate about, or participate in interdisciplinary, on-campus courses designed to explore interesting topics in a fun manner,” explained Jake Tischler, H-Term’s head coordinator.