The Hunger Games will premier for the Hill community on May 19


Media: Francisco Halvey '24

The Hunger Games will feature an elaborate setup.

The immersive and interactive show the Hunger Games will take place from May 20 to 22. Christopher McGriff, director of the CFTA, emphasized that the show is a “world premiere experience” that no one will want to miss. Furthermore, he encouraged  Hill students to sign up to participate as a tribute and “fight” in the games. 

Anna Taylor, theater administrative manager and assistant technical director at Hill, stated in an email that tickets were limited and sold out within eight minutes after being made available to the public on May 15. Taylor also provided hints that the show will be staged in different areas around the CFTA: namely the Dell patio, lobby, the Black Box, and the main stage. 

The Hunger Games will be an interactive show, allowing students to participate in the games. As McGriff stated in his email, “This option is open to Hill School Students Only. You must register separately for this opportunity. Registration includes your admission to the event. If you register to play in the games, you do NOT need to reserve a regular ticket.”  

Since the tickets sold out quickly when they came out, McGriff reached out to the Hill community in case students did not get the chance to purchase tickets. There are two ways possible for those who did not get a ticket to attend the show. First, six formers can attend the faculty preview performance on May 19 at 7 p.m. In addition, there is a stand-by cancellation list members of the Hill community can sign up for if they want to see the show. The list will open up an hour before the show starts, and students must show up in-person to sign up for the physical list. All tickets available will then be released five minutes before the show to those on the stand-by list so that everyone can possibly get the chance to see this immersive show.