Visual art students display their work in the CFTA


Media: Yina Yao '25

Yina Yao ’25 created this photography collage.

This Friday, the final visual arts show is going to commence in the Boyer Gallery on May 20. The event will be a collage of all the works done by visual arts students and afternoon arts students. 

Ellen Nelson, senior master of the arts, highlighted in particular the work of the advanced studio art students. “Well, I guess I would go to the Advanced Studio Art, who worked all year on preparing their portfolio to submit to the AP to the College Board, and so I would highlight those students.” She also believes photography and all the studio art programs have excellent projects that are worth taking a look at.

“I would say excellence, excellence and creativity,” Nelson said. She believes that it is the perfect opportunity for the students to exhibit their original art and reflect on what they have done since the beginning of the school year. 

“I always have the passion to capture the precious moments that people tend to avoid, and I sometimes feel like needing a push out of my comfort zone,” Yina Yao ‘25 said. She is specifically thankful for Diane Deery, chair of the art department; “I am grateful for having Ms. Deery as my photography teacher this year, and the class really helps to shape my ability to further edit the photos in Lightroom and Photoshop.”

“Not only do I get to work with amazing students, but I also get to work with an amazing arts department,” Nelson said. “I not only get to be surrounded by amazing students, but I also get to be surrounded by amazing professionals — the other members of my department.”