Winter Chamber Choir, Choir, and Tones/Trebles concert will combine love and music


Media: Jennie Ki '23

The Hill Tones/Trebles warmup before rehearsal. Their concert will be held Friday, Feb. 18.

Valentine’s Day is the day when we celebrate love and affection for our loved ones.

This coming Friday, on Feb.18, the Chamber Choir, Choir, and Tones/Trebles team are preparing a heartwarming set of beautiful pieces for the Hill School. Like previous years, the choir team is planning to sing songs related to the theme of love, caring, and Valentine’s Day. 

“In the past, the members typically wore academic clothing; but in February concerts, students wore red or pink blazers. We also had a concert where students made hearts for each other so that they can wear those hearts on those blazers. This year, it is to be determined. You will see on Feb.18,” said Yoon Soo Lim, director of vocal music. 

Song pieces were also chosen carefully, through deep consideration. “We will be singing numerous beautiful pieces. There will be a movement out of Mozart’s ‘Requiem.’ So the Chamber Choir is going to sing the song ‘Benedictus,’ a classical piece. Every February, since our concerts are around Valentine’s Day, we will focus on love and unity. We are also singing the song ‘The Road Home.’ This is a piece that is about finding a place and always having a home to come back to. This is a reminder for the 6th formers that the Hill School will always be their home. There are other beautiful pieces, so I hope everyone can enjoy the pieces we prepared,” Lim said. 

Many changes have taken place from last year’s concert. “Last year, we were doing a virtual term. So we weren’t able to have a set concert but rather recorded pieces that we put on YouTube. But, I personally think that simply being able to hold a true concert with an audience is a big change from last year that we are looking forward to,” said Anna Carroll ’23.

Now, the choir members are excited to show their rigorous work and ethereal harmonies. “Definitely come to the concert! The chamber choir members all worked so hard, and we are thrilled to give you a heartwarming experience through our singing. Please support Hill’s Chamber Choir, Choir, and [Tones/]Trebles,” Carroll said.