Hill should implement a community service requirement


Illustration by Angie Chi ’23

Throughout one’s time at Hill they may hope to develop themselves in a holistic fashion to become successful young adults. They are taught the importance of critical thinking, steadfast studies, and serving our community. All of these ideals are actively upheld by the student body. However, the lack of an orientation towards and emphasis upon community service leaves a lacking part in our development as young people. It could be incredibly beneficial to the student body and the greater Pottstown community if the school implemented a mandatory community service requirement.
First off, a mandatory community service requirement could be incredibly valuable to the Pottstown community. Hill students could be presented with more charitable organizations in Pottstown to help with the active implementation of a requirement. This would provide free help to these charitable organizations in a time where many of them are struggling and in need. Pottstown has its obvious struggles, so the help of the Hill students would be even more impactful to them.
Furthermore, Hill students could glean a tremendous amount from being mandated to do community service in Pottstown. Many of the students who come to Hill are from very privileged backgrounds. Community service can have incredible educational value. It can foster a sense of humility and a greater understanding of the community’s issues as well. It would help to foster an orientation towards service within the students at the the Hill School. The school has the amazing opportunity to ensure that all students experience another layer of their education through community service. A mandatory community service requirement could effectively help the surrounding Pottstown area as well as serve as a fantastic learning experience for the students.
An orientation towards service is an incredibly important aspect of education, and it is important that we recognize that. An experience with and desire to continue community service should be a characteristic of all Hill students. To accomplish this, the Hill School should mandate community service for its students.