Hill students choose their favorite Bernie Sanders meme

The aftermath of the 2021 inauguration left room for many memes, the most famous being the picture of Vermont senator Bernie Sanders sitting in a chair with his mittens. Sanders has found himself in the most random and bizarre places thanks to social media platforms like Twitter, Instagram and Tiktok. Here are some student favorites:

Bella Basile ‘21

I have loved all of the Bernie memes because people have just been so extremely clever with it. Take any movie, TV show, historic, or pop culture moment you could imagine, and people have put Bernie in it. As a huge Marvel fan, this one was my favorite because I didn’t even notice Bernie edited in the background the first time I looked at it. This is one of my favorite movies, so it was great to see it become a part of this trend! View the original here

Melody Chen ‘22 

This one just gives off good vibes all around. The artist also went out of their way to draw Bernie in a Miyazaki-esque style, demonstrating how certain aspects of meme-making can double as art forms. View the original here.

Emily Dunn ’21

When the Bernie meme first started to become popular, this one was all over my Instagram feed and Tik Tok “for you” page. Every time I saw it I laughed. Maybe Drake and Bernie will drop an album together for us. View the original here.


Luke Shingles ’21 

I like this because Bernie is uncomfortably relatable. It’s like when you’re at a party, and you don’t know anyone, and there isn’t a cat there to pet to fill your time. He isn’t even trying to be fashionable, just trying to stay warm and stay awake like the classes that we take outside in the tent. View the original here.

Michael Soland ‘21

For a politician with a 40-year career, he’s accomplished next to nothing. He’s only actually passed seven bills, none of which actually benefited people in any serious way and only increased government spending. View the original here


Tess McArdle ’21 

The Harry Potter series has always been one of my favorites, and, when the Bernie Sanders memes started circulating, this one was by far my favorite. Also, I think that the Sorting Hat would’ve put Sanders into Hufflepuff. He would definitely fit in there and look great in a canary yellow scarf. View the original here.