Journalism: your creativity’s knight in shining armor


Media: Tiffany Wang '22

Portia Sockel ’22 pioneered the role of a Visual Managing Editor as she joined The Hill News’ editorial team in 2021.

I’d like to think that I didn’t find The Hill News, instead it found me. After learning my plans to study at a California art school were canceled due to a heightening global pandemic, I was severely down-on-my-luck. Amongst the chaos of virtual learning and distancing, I desired a way to spread my voice and my creativity amidst global separation. I wrote an article on fashionable masks, stuck a couple of my own illustrations on, and was swept into the world of journalism – and I’m not sure I’ll ever look back. 

In all honesty, you will never find yourself with another opportunity like THN. It offers complete creative freedom, the ability to experiment with art and design, and the chance to command a group of talented and passionate peers – plus freedom of speech (most of the time). 

When completing page design and making graphics for the newspaper, there are endless orientations, formats, and topics one can explore. THN staffers can practice journalism, visual arts, and multimedia formats such as photo, video, and audio. Within THN, know that there are students ready to write and explore all those other possibilities. Take advantage of the passion and creativity that will surround you within the journalism community, and use it to fuel your ambitions and strengths. There is always a story, concept, or cause worth pursuing, and within this community, you will be supported and encouraged to find your voice. Use up every word.