New columnist will discuss international relations


If you’re reading this, I’d like to ask you, “Did you have a wonderful day? Did you meet some friends, thrive in classes, and relax in the dorm?” Some of you might mumble that today was not your day. Though every day can’t be perfect, I hope this column sparks interest and joy at the end of your tiresome day. Hello, I am Jennie Ki, and I am a new 4th former at The Hill School. 

I was born in Seoul, South Korea. I went to a public middle school near my home, then last year,  I went to Tabor, a boarding school in Marion, Massachusetts, as a 3rd former. Integrating myself as a member of a small diverse community, identifying cultural differences and sensitive issues grabbed my interest.  I will incorporate international issues to my opinion articles.

Future columns will feature critical analysis and opinion on current international conflicts, as well as trivial and major issues worldwide.

Researching international relationships between countries is my biggest interest. From neutral to sensitive, old to new, the opinions and conflicts of each country grab my attention. Stand from a neutral view, analyze and study the situation, and look at the event from a critical viewpoint. Then, we will be one step closer to the awareness of globalization. 

 The Hill News is an opportunity to connect The Hill School with the world through stories. I believe that, through this publication, exposure of the world outside the “Hill Bubble”, can further your scope of interest to global issues. 

I hope this column will bring interest to the world outside and open new ideas. Let’s further open the door to a universalized world and bring new change to the Hill School.