Blue Crew: the art of being a fan



Blue crew cheers on hill boys soccer for their blue light game.

Entering the 2022-2023 school year, high-spirited upper formers and faculties are taking the initiative to bring back pre-pandemic Hill traditions. Among them, the Blue Crew makes a triumphant return to the Hill community.  

The Blue Crew is a branch of the Student Life Association that focuses on highlighting and supporting Hill’s athletic teams. It creates a positive and fun environment for the community to come together.  

Co-heads of the Blue Crew, Joey Asterino ’23 and Kerry Elliott ’23, enthusiastically represent Hill spirit through supporting their peers. “The comeback of Blue Crew was inspired by the need for better culture surrounding sports at Hill,” Asterino said. “It is extremely important to be supportive not just of our athletes but of our student body as a whole. Blue Crew is supposed to be an inclusive part of Hill, where anyone can be involved in something fun and spirited.”  

A plethora of aspects emphasize Blue Crew’s mission to increase support, clarity, and entertainment regarding Hill’s athletic games. One of Blue Crew’s duties is to choose the Bluelight games, which spotlight one varsity game per season. Different themes are also chosen for varsity games. Recent themes include jerseys, construction, blue out, and pajamas.  

While the games themselves are always enjoyable, student energy often lulls during halftime. Blue Crew plans to change this by offering half-time activities. From raffles and sack races to all kinds of snacks, spectators can participate in or enjoy various kinds of entertainment during halftime. Most importantly, Blue Crew keeps students informed of when and where games are taking place through lunch announcements as well as social media, encouraging attendance.  

Although Blue Crew is a student led initiative, Director of Student Activities Claudia LaMarca and Assistant Director of Student Activities McKenna Edwards help facilitate discussions and implement new ideas. Like the co-heads of Blue Crew, they too believe in the importance of student support. “Blue Crew was originated by former student, Phil Bolinger ’14, who would rally students out of their dorms to support home athletic games that day,” LaMarca said. Edwards underscored the importance of honoring that tradition by continuing “the pride and support of Hill Athletics that Phil started.” 

As the fall athletic season continues and the winter season approaches, the Blue Crew will continue to support Hill athletics and carry along the passion. “As Mr. Eilberg often says,” Asterino reminds us, “cheer for Hill, not against the other team.”