Fall athletics kick off with new players, faculty, and spirit


Media: Will Reger '23

Will Reger ’23 bats for his team prior to attending Hill.

Each year, we see changes in the Hill athletic department, and this upcoming year is no different with the introduction of new coaches, students, and postgraduates.   

In the weight room Hill welcomes Elle O’Brien as the assistant director of athletics for sports performance and Bart Mestelle as the head coach of strength and conditioning. Having two strength coaches is new for the program, providing greater opportunity to support student athletes and to grow the program. “I am looking forward to supporting Hill Athletics in all endeavors whether it is in the weight room, or on the field, court, ice, etc. I chose to work at Hill because as soon as I stepped on campus, it became apparent that The Hill lives up to its name as “The Family Boarding School”.  Both O’Brien and Mestelle look forward to refining the strength and conditioning program.   

In addition, there will also be a few assistant coaches joining them. Late last spring, Hill welcomed Director of Student Activities Claudia LaMarca as the new head girls lacrosse coach. In an email, Lamarca wrote that she is excited about being a part of the community at Hill. 

“The people I’ve had the chance to connect and work alongside thus far have been amazing supports in helping me acclimate and adjust. I’m excited to do the same for students, both new and returning! I previously worked as a school counselor, so in my role as Director of Student Activities, I am excited to be able to work alongside students in new and exciting ways, such as planning and executing the weekend activities! In addition, I look forward to leading the lacrosse team and cultivating a tight knit group both on and off the field,” LaMarca stated.    

As well as coaches, we have also welcomed a great number of new students into our Hill community. Will Reger ’23 is an incoming postgraduate from Radnor, Pennsylvania. He formerly attended Radnor High School. Reger is planning on playing soccer and baseball during his time at Hill, with baseball being his primary sport. “I chose Hill for its long history of being an elite prep school both academically and athletically,” Reger said. He is excited to fully immerse himself into the Hill community, making lifelong friendships and unforgettable memories. 

Whether new or returning, all student-athletes are excited to embrace these new changes throughout the athletic department. As students begin to arrive on campus, athletes hope to see their classmates fill up the stands and show their Hill pride.