New athlete spotlight: Mia Keane ’22


Photo by Ryann Holladay ’24

Hailing from San Diego, Mia Keane ’22 has been a water polo player for five years now. Outside of the pool, she also loves to go to the beach and bodysurf in her free time. As a new student at Hill, Keane has adjusted well given the changes in student life. 

When asked about Keane, Kamilia Barkasi ’21, co-captain of girls water polo, said, “Mia has become an integral part of the team, sharing her experience and ideas with all of us, but most specifically the underformers. When we’ve had Postgraduates in the past, they’ve become an indispensable part in practice and in the team dynamic, and, while Keane isn’t a PG, she has fit into a similar role this year. I’m excited for the team to have the opportunity to continue to learn from and play with Keane for the rest of this season as well as the next year.”

Despite the cancellation of interscholastic activity, Keane and her teammates saw it as a chance to grow closer and improve in their sport. Head Swim Coach Amy Agnew also expressed the same sentiment: “The girls have done remarkably well building bonds despite the lack of competition. From what I have seen, they might actually be stronger because they have had time to help each other develop their skills without the pressure of competition.” 

Along with Keane, Annie Gaither ’24, Emma Gray ’22, Ella Grindle ’24, Sophie Harberson ’24 and Brooke Zelin ’24 are all new to the Hill girls water polo team. When asked about future seasons, Head Girls Water Polo Coach Mark Nelson said, “I am excited to see the girls in our program continue to grow individually and as a team, both in and out of the pool. I am also looking forward to seeing the girls compete, as I feel that we have a strong team that continues to improve day in and day out.”